Professional Staff

Ramchandra Parajuli : Programme Manager

Ramchandra has been the Programme Manager for The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award – Nepal since September 2015, joining the Award after 20 years of professional teaching at some of the top schools in Kathmandu. In 2013, Ramchandra started his Award journey as an Award Leader at Kathmandu University High School because he believes that each individual has the capacity for success and that the Award unlocks that capacity. He continues that journey now as the Programme Manager, overseeing the growing network of 50 Award Units across Nepal while undertaking a mini-MBA through the Surrey Business School in the United Kingdom.


Prayas Bista : Programme Officer

Prayas Bista has a Bachelor’s in Health Promotion and a Master’s in Public Health from Liberty University. Proficient in health advocacy, fund raising and health administration; he is a critical thinker, hard worker and a great team player. In the past he has worked for nonprofits such as American Red Cross and The National Captioning Institute; he has a proven track record of managing and operating multiple projects successfully. He believes that the youth of today are the future of tomorrow and working with the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award program he wants to help the youth be world ready.


Baybina Shrestha: Operations Officer

Baybina wants to live in a world where she gets paid to read books (not like a profession though). She’d be a millionaire in that world. When she’s not working or reading, she watches FRIENDS. She’s the “self-proclaimed” biggest fan of the series.She spent 3 years in Philippines (which was basically a vacation) for her MBA before she embarked her journey in the real world. She started her career as a Business Development Executive in Nest Media. She got to explore her creative side working in the magazine which she never knew she had. Her biggest achievement is SHINE Magazine, her brainchild.She aspires to become a strong independent woman that her parents can be proud of and her little sisters can look up to. She strives to become her own windkeeper in life (FRIENDS reference for those of you who didn’t get it)P.S it’s Baybina, not Babina. She hates it when people call her Babina. She considers ‘Y’ the essence of her name.


Mr.Narad Prasad Adhikari: Financial Supervisor

Narad Prasad Adhikari is a seasoned veteran with 9 years of experience in the field of Administration and Finance. He has worked with different NGOS as a Finance Supervisor managing their Accounts and Record Books. He received his Bachelors degree from Trivuwan University and is currently undergoing his Master Degree in Trivuwan University.